Saturday, March 14, 2015

Daylight exposure

Jacking off in the parkThere are at least two kinds of naked dares. In the traditional dare, someone, be it friend or stranger, challenges you to get out of your comfort zone — and your clothes — and do something naked in an unusual and possibly risky place.

Then there is the self-dare, in which the nakedist determines his own naked behavior at a time and place of his own choosing.

On the face of it, the self-dare seems, well, less daring. After all, if you can choose your own risk level, why get naked anywhere but in a safe place?

That reasoning is suspect to be sure. Some people are so into naked dares that they might actually talk themselves into doing something even more daring than an outsider might ask.

Moreover, the self-dare allows a certain element that regular dares do not: spontaneity. One can be out about one's business with no thought of stripping in mind, when suddenly an opportunity presents itself. It may seem just safe enough to strip off on a moment's notice. But there is still risk involved as one can never control who may come along and spot you, naked, in a public place.

Such was the situation I found myself last summer when I was out for a daylight photo shoot with photographer Andrew Adam Caldwell. The plan was to get naked in the Washington State Arboretum, a public park, underneath some freeway on ramps. The area was known to be a gay cruising ground, and therefore relatively safe for nude photos.

But when I saw how quiet the park was — at the moment anyway — I chose to stroll away from the "safe" cruising area and walk underneath the freeway ramps, in full view of the portions of the park where people walk their dogs and boaters paddle by. And so I did, my semierect cock bouncing along, and bare feet padding along rocky ground that would have made it difficult to run for cover. Finally I completed the dare with a full-on public masturbation session.

Was I seen? Yes, but I'll never be sure by how many. We saw a canoe go by, and more than one person walked past us not very far away. At least one person (apparently quite interested) hung around the whole time watching me do my cock walk.

Fortunately for us all, the self-dare was caught on video and is now available for your viewing pleasure in our Naked Dare Theater. So go ahead, check out Bare assed in the park. And then drop us a line and let us know of your wildest self-dare.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lifting naked

Naked and hard in the weight roomNo matter what you think about public or shared nudity, there are some occasions on which most people agree that nudity is appropriate: A shower, for example, or bathing. Swimming is a bit more controversial, but even then most people agree that apparel should be kept to a minimum.

So why not working out? Why wear an abundance of fabric when you are just going to overheat yourself with vigorous exercise? And why not take the logic to its conclusion and work out in the nude? The ancient Greeks did, of course, and we still celebrate the artistic representations of the bodies these workouts produced.

All of which is ground we covered here at Nakedism, first when we celebrated the original tradition of the Naked Olympian, and again with our video exploration of a naked dare in a public gymnasium. Now we bring you a photo set from that daring video. Photographer Andrew Adam Caldwell was on hand to document my buck naked weight lifting and stripped bare cardio, much of it with a full-on boner.

Whether you like naked dares, public nudity, or just the very natural idea of getting your exercise without a lot of clumsy clothing, check out this month's photos, Gym nasty in the Nakedism galleries. Then try a little naked workout of your own, even if you only move the muscles of your hand.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Update your desktop for the new year

Images of public nudityJanuary is traditionally a time of new beginnings — new resolutions, new tax planning, new hopes for a better year. So why not some spiffy new images to liven up your computer's background? Yes, that's right: It's time for more of Nakedism's own special brand of naked desktop wallpaper.

This time we bring you three variations on the theme of public nudity. The first celebrates the brazen exhibitionist who stands naked in broad daylight in a busy downtown setting, visible to the passing crowd. The others portray a more tentative exploration of public nudity. In another, our naked man is testing his own bravery or exploring the novelty of being naked where most are clothed. Still another might depict a more frightening (but no less erotic) possibility of public nudity in which the exposed man is now victim, having lost his clothes to a bet or naked dare. Or perhaps someone stripped him and abandoned him, forcing him to desperately find shelter where he won't be caught.

Whether these scenarios interest you or whether you just like seeing a naked man on your computer or tablet screen now and then, check out the latest downloadable images in Nakedism's wallpaper collection. Then click the link for your preferred size and use your browser's options to save it to your system or apply it directly to your screen background.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

O horny night

While Shepherds watched their cocks by nightEvery December, Christians around the globe recount the story of poor lonely shepherds who received the fantastic visitation of an angelic messenger heralding the arrival of their messiah. The angel was shortly joined by an entire choir of heavenly beings.

The story is amazing on the face of it, of course. But it raises some seldom asked questions as well. That shepherds should stay out at night suggests that the weather was not particularly cold. And if they weren't cold, and if they were only in the company of their fellow men in the dark of night, one wonders how important it would have been to be covered by all those robes that religious art always depicts? Men will be men, and it's likely that those doing little more than watching sheep might need a little diversion, even if it were at their own hands.

Then there is the visionary experience itself. Have you ever noticed how many paintings and sculptures of religious ecstasy show people with their o-face on? These artists may have tapped into a greater truth, a profound connection between religious euphoria and sexual release.

It was with those thoughts in mind that photographer Adam Andrew Caldwell and I decided to explore the truly ecstatic nature of this mythic tale. In this view, the shepherds were not only in touch with the divine creation of their own bodies, but were brought to an even higher state of physical exultation by the erotic manifestation of a sensuous angel.

To see the results of this photographic meditation, strip down, head on over to the Nakedism photo collection, and invoke the gallery we call Come Ye Shepherds. And while you do, feel free to engage in a devotional ritual of your own.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The spooner the better

Naked spooningAt Nakedism, we accept the common nudist belief that almost any life activity is more enjoyable when naked. But some naked doings are more fun than others. Take cuddling for instance. Is there anything more delicious than the skin-on-skin frisson of personal body contact and intertwined limbs with a companion than cuddling? And how much more intense that simple pleasure becomes when done free of the normally required clothing. It's one of life's most amazing but free and simple pleasures.

Given this wonderful fact, we decided one afternoon to make a short video about the simple pleasures of naked cuddling. In a world where nudity in film is almost always about hardcore sex, this seemed to be a good change of pace.

Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans. When two naked friends being touching and holding, other ideas can arise. And when those two friends are naked... Well, the cuddling can be quite intense.

If you think you might agree, check out Cuddle Buddies, the newest video in Nakedism's Sexy Time Theatre. And maybe you'll be inspired to join in, perhaps by wrapping your hands around a favorite part and cuddling yourself to complete satisfaction.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

The first man

Adam and Andrew AdamFor many years, as Halloween approached, I wanted to show up at a party as Adam, the legendary first man, whom Genesis tells us lived naked with his wife until, tempted by a serpent, they partook of the fruit of knowledge, making them ashamed of their nakedness and causing them to cover their genitals with leaves. Considering the other repressive parts of the Bible, I find the story of people living in blissful, shame-free nudity to be a wonderful image. And of course it's the perfect Halloween role for any nudist or exhibitionist.

To be truly effective as a costume, I knew I had to be as naked as legally possible. Flesh-colored undies or any sort of wrap-around for a leaf loin cloth spoiled that image to my way of thinking. Instead, my idea was to wear a sock over my genitals, secured by a silicon cock ring, and then attach a leaf to that. Finding just the right snake at a costume store also inspired me to overcome my own body shame and fulfill this long-held dream.

Because Adam is depicted as clean shaven, I eliminated my beard and shaved anywhere that might seem too suggestive. Then, at the appointed hour, best friend and Nakedism photographer-in-residence Andrew Caldwell (shown here in his costume as a ghoulish "Eternal Footman") joined me as we headed out for an evening of Halloween fun

In light of the
many repressive parts
of the Bible, the story of
people living in blissful,
shame-free nudity is
a wonderful

Before that night, I had been concerned that I might not measure up to expectations for such an audacious costume. Thankfully, I quickly realized that my fears been baseless. I had a great time mingling with friends and meeting new ones. I even got a proposition or two and some quick makeout sessions with a few cute guys.

Naturally some rude and/or drunk people had to grab at the costume rather than simply ask how it was attached. But it was designed to be secure, and held up very well. Although, nervously, I did adjust it several times to make sure it was in place.

Of course, in the actual story, Adam didn't wear anything all until after eating the fruit. So before the party, Andrew and I met at his studio for a full-frontal consideration of Adam's natural state. Members can check out Andrew's photographic work from both occasions by visiting our latest photo set, Adam's bone, in Nakedism's photo gallery. Then drop us a line or add a comment below and tell us about the most naked Halloween costume you ever dared to try!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Alley of the balls

Naked in the alleyWhat urban location could be more fabled than the alley, that grimy slice of space between buildings, home to trash containers, drug deals, illicit sex, rape, rats, cats, and more?

For reasons like this, our mothers warned us to avoid alleys. In those dark slivers of urban decay, what might happen? A simple shortcut could suddenly turn into a mugging, with your attacker taking your watch, your money, your credit cards. But what if the bad guys don't stop there? Maybe they want to be sure you don't follow them. Maybe they order you to strip, and you suddenly find your assailants running away with every stitch of fabric you had on.

Or maybe your naked alley fantasy is a little less severe. You strip down for some quick playtime with a new friend only to discover some hobo has made off with the clothes you left in a neat little pile. What do you do now?

These are just a couple of the ideas I wanted to explore when Nakedism photographer in residence Andrew Adam Caldwell and I made our way to an inner city alley near a gay sex club for a midday photo shoot. Fortunately for me (the naked one), the alley was closed off to the public. But it was still a bit unnerving to stand by the exit door and hear the bustling footsteps of city dwellers walking by just inches from my nude body.

At one point I did peek out and invited a friendly face in. That gentleman wanted to do more than just look at me naked, however. But since he declined to be photographed, I declined to let him use my body. Fortunately, he left peacefully, choosing not to take advantage of my complete lack of protective apparel.

You, however, don't need to be so polite. You are free to ravish every inch of my bare cock, balls, and more with your eyes in this month's gallery, Alley Cock, now available in the Nakedism photo department. You'll see me helpless, naked, even barefoot.

Go ahead. Enjoy a little rape fantasy. I won't tell.