Monday, April 14, 2014

Coming out of the clothes closet

Buff exhibitionistMeet Nakedism's newest discovery Patrick David. Patrick comes to us from Canada, where he's been exploring his nakedist tendencies. "As an exhibitionist and nudist, I find any chance to show it off exciting," he told us. "Although I've always known I was an exhibitionist (and nudist), it wasn't always easy to explore in a country with more winter than anything else."

"But when the opportunity presented itself, I did what was possible to show it all," Patrick continues. "At pools I would wear speedos and roll down the waist band and tuck up the legs virtually turning it into a thong. When my buddies and I would go camping, I'd be nude the minute we got there until it was time to go home. And now as a retired guy I can afford the time to visit the nude beach south of the city at my leisure.

"But my real passion is public nudity. After retirement I had time on my hands and decided to get into competitive bodybuilding. Although you are only 'nearly nude' on stage, it's still a great feeling to show it off. It feeds my need to be naked in as much as you can in public.

“The ultimate chance to be nude in public was yet to come. Turns out a good friend became the model coordinator for a local life drawing group. So he thought a competitive bodybuilder would make a good model — assuming I would be comfortable nude in front of people. Little did he know how much I had been looking for the opportunity to take my nudism to a new level!

"I've perfected that craft and now get a lot of calls to work as a nude model. It doesn't get much better!"

Nakedism's photo set of Patrick, now on display in the Nakedism gallery, include many of the poses he uses in my posing sessions. He's also working on a set of poses with two male models, which will take things to a new level. "That's something I'm excited to explore," he grins.

"My ultimate nude fantasy would be to be featured in a documentary on the life of a nude model," Patrick muses. "Can gay porn be far behind? I'd definitely be up for that."

We think that's a great idea and wish Patrick all the best in a sexy life without clothes.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Screw the looking glass

Naked in reflectionSing, o muse, of the tale of Narcissus, handsome son of Cephissus and the Liriope, who spurned the love of others and found satisfaction only in the sight of his own reflected image!

Or so goes the myth. Today, the name of this self-centered man is applied to an egotistical obsession with one's own beauty and an unhealthy pride and selfishness generally.

At the same time, however, experts tell us that is good to love ourselves, that self-esteem and a strong self-image are signs of a healthy psyche.

Where do you stand? When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Are you willing to remove all your clothes for that reflection and study your own nakedness in admiration?

For a long time, I struggled to find myself attractive. Indeed, my forays into naked self-portraiture with my first digital camera were an attempt to pose myself in a way that would overcome some serious self-loathing and let me see myself in a positive light — literally. Years after beginning this hobby, I achieved what I consider a very positive milestone when I moved into an apartment with large floor-to-ceiling mirrors. There I discovered that I had improved my body and my attitude so much that I enjoyed jacking off to the sight of my own bare flesh and hard cock.

Of course, a healthy life is a balanced one. Narcissus took that same of self-admiration so far that he ignored others and eventually drowned chasing his own reflection.

As for me, I seldom masturbate before a mirror anymore, but I reserve the right to explore that possibility anytime the mood strikes. In fact, I did just that a few years back in the studio of photographer Andrew Adam Caldwell. We were preparing for photo shoot, but before I stepped under the studio lamps, I stopped to admire my form in a large mirror sitting in the back of the room. Andrew recorded that moment for you in a photo set called Narcissus, now featured in the Nakedism photo department.

I leave it up to you whether is is a healthy exercise or not. If you think it is, try finding a mirror of your own and embrace the Narcissus within.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Balance of power

naked man, clothed manMost of the time we assume that good, healthy sex acts represent an equal sharing between two people. Whether one is insertive or receptive, the assumed ideal is that each person is getting exactly what they want.

But in real life, as also in a lot of erotic fiction, there is often an imbalance of power, sometimes subtle, sometimes overt.

Take the issue of penetration, for example. In our heterosexist culture, the insertive partner is assumed to have more power over the one receiving. In BDSM stories, the cocksucker is assumed to be the submissive, the victim. This of course is an extension of male chauvinism and misogyny that assumes that anyone who takes the receptive or "female" role is weak. But does that really make sense? What could be more vulnerable for a man than to have his most sensitive organ within the teeth and jaws of another? One quick bite would quickly reveal who really had the power in that arrangement.

Then there is the issue of clothing. On the one hand, nudity is often portrayed as a symbol of power and control — as in the case of heroic statues or when exhibitionists terrorize shocked women. On the other, nudity is seen as the ultimate vulnerability — such as when prisoners stripped to reduce their resistance or when school boys are depantsed by bullies.

A powerful imbalance presents itself when when one person is naked and another clothed. And in our culture, the naked person, whether it be a patient with a clothed doctor or a naked pledge with clothed frat brothers, is often assumed to be the one with less power. Take that naked person outside, where they run the risk of being seen and arrested, and the vulnerability increases exponentially. Or so we assume.

The issues of control, power, and vulnerability are never far from the mind of a true nakedist. So we decided to play with some of these symbols and situations in our latest video, Naked for my cocksucker. Check it out in our Nakedism Video Theatre and decide for yourself: Is this a balanced arrangement? Or at any moment could one person find himself a kind of sexual victim? And if so, who would it be?

Friday, January 31, 2014

Down under

Underwear guys get friskyObservers of art and erotica often point out that a little clothing can be even more arousing than full-on nudity. When parts of the body are left to the imagination, the imagination runs wild.

That may be one reason that so many models are photographed in underwear or why a certain sports magazine is so successful with its swimsuit issue.

And it may also account for the popularity in many cities of underwear parties at gay bars.

Of course we also have the law to thank for underwear parties, as public nudity, even in a private club or bar, is still illegal in many cities of the world. Those of us who can't take advantage of "boots only" night in certain London clubs or "bare naked billiards" in certain Portland bars might still find some almost-naked pleasure in stripping down, at least partly, for a local undies night.

And once you have a group of men congregated in nothing but a few inches of sheer fabric, it's not uncommon for a little more than flirting to go on. In a dark corner of a bar, who knows what shorts may fall or parts flop out for some furtive mutual pleasure?

That, at least, is the theme behind this month's photo set. Sexy pal Gary returned for this hot collection, trying on as little as possible and ending up with even less. It's all waiting for you now in Underwear Party, the latest addition to Nakedism's growing collection of photo galleries.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Get a new look for a new year

New wallpapers for JanuaryAdmit it. You've had the same picture, or set of pictures, as the background on your computer screen for too long. Well, it's a new year now. Wouldn't something different make that old screen look better?

Fortunately, Nakedism has what you need. Inspired by our recent galleries, we bring you screen-sized images that fulfill fantasies from public nudity to strip wrestling to, well, more public nudity. Each available in three different sizes.

To change your desktop, click your way to the Desktop Wallpaper page. Underneath one of the thumbnail images, click the pixel dimensions that most closely match your screen resolution. When the image opens in a new tab or window, use your browser's commands to either save it to your system or apply it to your background. For example, in Internet Explorer, you can simply right-click the image and choose Set as Background.

But hey don't settle for one. Download them all and try them at different times. And if you tire of that, don't worry. We'll have more wallpapers to dress up — or strip down — your desktop again before too long.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Nude for the road

Naked hitchhikerFor his famous 1934 movie, It Happened One Night, Frank Capra has his heroin Claudette Colbert succeed at hitchhiking where Clark Gable had failed by pulling up her skirt and showing some skin of her beautiful legs. There is no doubt some male hitchhikers could succeed with certain drivers by doing something similar, say, taking off a shirt. And if that worked, why not take off more? Maybe you yourself have driven down the highway, seen an attractive hitchhiker, and imagined him standing there, stark naked and begging for a ride. Now that's the stuff of fantasy.

But let's take the fantasy a little further: Why is he hitchhiking naked? Just to attract attention? Or maybe he has no luggage, no knapsack, nothing but the skin he was born in. Maybe his mates stripped him naked as a prank. Maybe he got drunk and separated from his clothes at a party the night before. Or maybe he lost a bet or a dare. Whatever the reason, he's naked and helpless, with nothing to bargain for a ride — except perhaps to do you some kind of favor. Surely you would have mercy on such a hitchhiker, wouldn't you? And surely you could think of some way he could repay your kindness?

These were some of the thoughts going through my head as I stood naked and vulnerable on an uncompleted stretch of freeway at sunrise with photograph Andrew Adam Caldwell. I'm not sure how many driver speeding by below caught my naked form illuminated by the rising sun. But I was completely exposed in any case. I'm only glad I wasn't really in the position of our fantasy hitchhiker, although it would certainly be a memorable predicament.

But to get a real sense of what's that like you need more than my words. You need pictures, and we have plenty of them for you. Go directly to Nakedism's photography department and check out the set called Road Show. Then add a comment below telling us how you'd handle that situation.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fit to be fucked

Bedding a muscle buddy“Look better naked!“ proclaim the ads, books, and magazines. And why not? For while there are a number of people with specialized body tastes, most people find a fit figure to be especially appealing. It explains why so many women and men are visiting the gym each day, lifting weights, using cardio equipment, or both. It's certainly a large motivator in my own gym attendance, though not the only one.

Of course, not all of us have the genetic gifts or wherewithal to achieve the buff, sculpted body of competitive body builders, fitness models, and porn stars. Which probably just makes such people stand out all the more when we see them — and even more so when we see them naked.

Recently I've had the good fortune to befriend someone who has achieved more with his weightlifting than I ever will. Phillip not only has significant muscle mass but the kind of definition that makes the ripples in his massive shoulders and legs really stand out.

All of which makes him very nice to look at. But of course I find him attractive for other things as well — intimate things. Like the way he works my cock into insane arousal using only his mouth. Or the deep satisfaction I feel when I'm drilling that cock deep into his rock-hard muscular ass.

This month Phillip and I decided to give you a little peek into some of the fun we've been having in the past year. To get a look at his cock sucking skills and his beautifully buggerable butt, click on over to the Nakedism sexy time video theatre and watch the oral and anal pleasure we enjoy in Muscle Sex. And while you're at it, go ahead and pull on a favorite muscle of your own.